Passion For Pigs -
A word from the founder…     

I wanted to bring the “Best of the Best” to my clients… The Best Speakers, the Latest cutting edge research, and time for interaction between the audience and world industry leaders.  I also wanted Passion for Pigs to be more than a meeting; I wanted it to be an Event!   I want folks to look forward to Passion for Pigs and to mark it on their calendars as a great learning experience with plenty of fun and long term relationship building taking place.       
While the number of swine producers continues to shrink, the information and knowledge discovered daily is growing by leaps and bounds… sometimes overwhelmingly!  Passion for Pigs allows us to garner “take home messages” from the best our industry can offer as well as allow sharing and discussion amongst producers – Possibly our greatest asset.   
My dream, is that Passion for Pigs will continually strive to exceed your Expectations!


Stephen D. Patterson, DVM